Decrease Downtime / Increase Morale

As a customer focused business we often look to our customers for feedback. Most often the feedback we receive, shows an increase in productivity and staff morale. One of our customers has rolled out vending machines to all of their sites as part of a holistic approach to staff retention. When we receive feedback directly from staff they are are often impressed by the range in our machines and are excited to see their favourite products.

Keep Your Customers Happy

Whether customers are sitting in your waiting room or visiting your business premises, as the saying goes “A full stomach makes a happy heart”. Provide your customers with a full stomach and reap the benefits of their good mood. We have the biggest range to satisfy even the most difficult of customers and our vending machines are well loved additions to any business. If you want to provide your customers with a great range of food and beverage without any hassle to your business, then make the call to Progressive today.

Cash Rebates for Large Business

If your business is of a suitable size there could be rebates available to you. For those companies who already have a rebate structure, quite often due to our extensive range and large format machines, customers see a dramatic increase to their existing rebates. All our machines are monitored and rebates are paid directly from the monitoring company. If you think you are not getting maximum return from your current vending operator or want to investigate a competitive rebate structure phone or email Progressive Vending.

Maintenance Support

As a first line of defence, we monitor our vending machines remotely. In most instances we will know if there is a problem with the machine before you do.

In the event that there is an issue with the machine, all our Vending Machine Operators are trained in how to diagnose and repair basic faults. If there is something you feel needs our attention simply phone 1800 836 300 and we will do the rest.

If there is something that requires further attention then we have two technicians that will respond as soon as possible.

Best of all services are provided free of charge.