Chips / Chocolates / Drinks

A popular option within all business types, a combination vending machine serving chips chocolates and drinks is still the popular option in the market. Product ranges are tailored to suit the customer ensuring maximum satisfaction and minimised downtime. Customers who have a Progressive vending machine quickly learn that easy access to the food that we eat every day allows for reduced downtime and quite often an increase in staff and/or customer morale.

Healthy Options

With vending machines advancing in build quality and with so many technological advancements, providing healthy options to the market has become easier than ever. Progressive is helping to remove the Stigma around Vending machines only being able to offer junk food by stocking our machines with top quality, healthier brands that you will definitely recognise from your supermarket shelf.

Temporary or Permanent Vending

At Progressive we understand that sometimes a business will require a Vending machine for a short period of time, either during one off contracts, on building sites, on mine sites and various other short term requirements.

We supply and collect at no extra charge, a fully stocked vending machine ready to satisfy even the hardest workers. We have already assisted on many major building works with great success and popularity and we are ready to assist you.


Growing in popularity with advancements in machinery, frozen meals and frozen food items have become exciting additions to the vending world. Frozen offer vending machines have become especially popular in locations were food is not easily accessible. From pies pasties and sausage rolls to Magnum ice creams, we bring the corner store to your workplace.

Personal Protective Equipment

As business’ modernise and with an ever-growing requirement to protect your workers, Progressive can deliver an innovative solution for all your PPE needs. From fluro vests to bandaids there are numerous options that can be tailored to suit your business. Through the increased availability of PPE, conformity with this portion of your Occupational Health and Safety Standards becomes effortless. Another benefit to your business is decreased expenditure as accountability is increased due to the vending machines’ inbuilt smart card recognition system. Reports are easily generated allowing you to monitor who is using the vending machine and what item they are purchasing.

Coffee Machines

Progressive has teamed up with some of the best coffee machine manufacturers in the world to provide the perfect cup of coffee every time – at the touch of a button. Over the years we have sought out the perfect coffee blend and with coffee becoming evermore popular, access to quality coffee beans is easier than ever, allowing us to provide the barista taste from a vending machine.

Gym Vending

With 24 hour gyms becoming popular in modern day fitness, a customised gym vending machine means that your customers can access their favourite workout products even when your gym is unattended.  We have access to all the major brands and an extensive range to keep your customers happy, no matter their goals. If you’re considering expanding your retail sales a customised gym vending machine is the solution for you.