Credit Card, Note Reader, Coin Operated

Gone are the days when Vending Machine could only take coins, now we offer a full range of payment services.

Of course if you want to clean out your vehicles centre console… you can but if you’re the kind of person who only keeps notes, a card or a mobile phone on you, then we have a solution for you too.

Our vending machine accept $5,$10 and $20 notes, they will also accept Visa and Mastercard and the humble vending machine now has a new party trick, it can now take phone payments including Apple Pay and Google wallet.

Latest, State of the Art Equipment

Realising that a large portion of vending operators fail to invest in good quality machinery has been a contributing factor in Progressive Vending’s success. Progressive has aligned itself with manufacturers well known for making reliable vending machines and has opted to spend more money on good quality machinery initially thus reducing call backs and subsequently allowing our vending machine operators to spend more time providing excellent customer service.

Energy Efficient Solutions

With good quality machinery comes energy efficiency as standard. The Vending Machines that Progressive purchases are more energy efficient than ever before. Together with thicker insulation, more efficient refrigeration systems as well as LED lighting, our vending machines are more efficient than ever. Customers who have switched to our vending machines often see a decline in their energy usage, a welcome site for any business operator.

IVMOA Member

The owner of Progressive Vending, Mark Wood, is a committee member for the Independent Vending Machine Operators Association of Australia, which has gained the company national recognition and allowed us to better support our National customers. As a part of this allegiance you can be assured that Progressive operates with a high degree of integrity and market leading standards.

Proud Supporter of Charity

As part of IVMOA, Progressive makes regular donations to the starlight Children’s Foundation to support the great work that they do for seriously ill children and their families. Furthermore to show our ongoing support to those less fortunate, Progressive makes regular food donations to Oz Harvest, because at Progressive we believe that nobody should ever go hungry, especially in a country as fortunate as ours.

Brand Recognition and Variety

Coca Cola , Arnotts, Nestle, Schweppes, Cadbury, Smiths, Villis, Balfours… names that we all recognise and only a few of the mouth-watering brands that you can have in your vending machine.

Variety is another key point of difference which has skyrocketed our success. While we love our popular well-recognised brands, we are not blind to new and exciting, emerging brands which is why we have over 200 lines that we transition through your vending machine. When something sells we know you love it and it will be available to you at the push of a button. If there is something that you or your staff love that is not in the machine, let us know and there is a high probability that we can provide it in your vending machine.

Safety First Company

At Progressive our work means we visit all manner of companies and organisations. With this in mind we have tailored a safety program that encompasses all the standards of our customers and many of our own. Furthermore we make it a priority for any Vending Machine Operator who attends your business to complete any induction or safety procedure you require of them.

To further adhere to your standards all staff are required to obtain a police clearance and while on site wear (if required) the appropriate PPE including hard hat, fluro vest, safety toe shoes, non slip footware and safety glasses.